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Medical Marijuana Colorado - do I qualify for a Red Card?

The Colorado Constitution provides for access to medical marijuana for Colorado State residents over the age of 18.

Do you suffer from severe pain? A painful sports related injury? An accident? Workplace related pain? If so, Medical Marijuana may offer you an all natural way to relieve your pain and stress. The following conditions qualify you for a medical marijuana card in the State of Colorado.

Debilitating medicinal conditions include:

Other qualifying medical situations might also include a persistent or constant medical condition that limits the capability of the patient to carry out one or more key life activities as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 & if not alleviated, may cause severe harm to the patient's safety, physical, and mental health.

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What is Medical Marijuana?



There are 2 main types of the cannabis plant used for medical use: Sativa & Indica.

Each strain (or mix of strain) has a unique cannabis profile effect.


Cannabis Sativa

Sativa: more stimulating, stimulates appetite, reduces depression, migraines, pain and nausea.

  • Primarily effects the mind and the emotions
  • Stimulating
  • Energizing
  • Euphoric

Cannabis Indica

Indica: more relaxing, reduces anxiety, pain, nausea, stimulates appetite, helps to sleep, reduces muscle spasms and tremors.

  • Primarily effects the physical body
  • Relaxing
  • Pain reducing
  • Appetite stimulation

Cannabis Edibles

Colorado offers a wide selection of SMOKE FREE options for medical marijuana patients.

MMJ Drinks, Teas, Colas
MMJ Cakes, Trail Mix, Candy
MMJ Oils, Creams, Tinctures
MMJ Cotton Candy & Pizzas