Maryland Medical Cannabis Cards

To comply with the medical cannabis laws in Maryland, a qualified person must register with Maryland patient registry. To do so you should also have valid state identification from any US state and obtain an identification card from a certified state doctor specializing in medical cannabis examinations for the purpose of alleviating and helping with certain conditions that allow a person to qualify for the benefit of medical cannabis .

This will ensure that patients using medical cannabis are afforded protection under state law.

A Maryland Cannabis card is recognized by the state as patient identification, given by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

The Cannabis Medical Cannabis Commission has begun issuing medical cannabis dispensary licenses in order to keep up with demand expected from the new law.

How Can I Qualify For Medical Cannabis in Maryland?

First you must have a condition diagnosed by a medical cannabis doctor in Maryland that falls under a severe, debilitating and/or life threatening condition that is defined as either:

  • Results in a patient being admitted to hospice or receiving palliative care
  • A condition or treatment of medical circumstances resulting in or a condition of Cachexia, Wasting Syndrome, Anorexia, Sever and Chronic Pain, severe nausea, muscle spasms or seizures.

Steps to get your Maryland Medical Cannabis Card:

  • Must possess a valid US identification card such as a drivers licence. Does not have to be from MD.
  • Obtain access to medical records for the purpose of diagnosing conditions that medical cannabis can help treat
  • Must obtain certification from a certified medical Cannabis Doctor. Get an appointment here
  • Fill out and submit your medical cannabis application to the MMCC

The process is pretty straight forward and Go Green Cross is committed to helping you find the right Doctor for your evaluation.

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